Your online event will taste differently!

Your event will have a different flavor with digital catering: an innovative service thanks to which you can choose the Italian food and beverage products of local niche producers, selected with care and dedication, in order to create connections of taste, pleasure and experience during your online event.

The idea was born in order to create a cutting-edge digital service, distinguishing itself not only for the products offered, but also to be able to connect enthusiasts of the food and wine sector who will be able to share digital tasting events, deepening their knowledge of the products purchased in the boxes available. and exchanging views, opinions and ideas related to cooking and the culture of drinking.

After a first contact with us, you will choose, supported by our decades of experience, which unique, special and rare foods, including some related to the Slow Food presidium, you wish to pay homage to your Italian or foreign guests, participating in a live experience via webinar together with whoever you want. You will know the small producer or the local cheese maker, passing through butchers and connoisseurs.

It will be your job to tell us only the date of the event: we’ll take care of the rest!

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a personalized, durable and recyclable package wherever you are, even at home. We will keep the freshness and flavors of Made in Italy and everything will be sanitized at the origin: a gift to be stored and opened on the day of the event, according to the instructions contained in the box. Connecting to the event will be very simple!At the agreed time, guests will connect via webinar and enter a magical world where food will be a real communication tool. Your guests and our experts will be the real stars. All together we will discover what the cadeau contains and we will experience the magic of a territory, discovering the perfect combination of taste. The benefits of this experience will be the opportunity to find your favorite Italian products, taste them comfortably at home, read recipes and culinary tips, take part to online tastings and, why not, spread the experience by giving it to friends, colleagues, acquaintances who can appreciate the idea of ​​taste and sharing: the core business of digital catering.C hoose the products and quantities, create your favorite matches, decide on the experience. Once you have received the box at your home, by fast shipping through courier, it will be a great emotion to open the box and discover the Italian flavors of all time, linked to the tradition and culture of conviviality and flavors that connect emotion, memories and sensations. Some examples? “Craft beers and goat cheeses”, “Prosecco and distinct cured meats”, “It’s time to say pasta!” and then, on the occasion of Christmas, we thought about “The chocolate factory” and then “The typical Italian dishes”, “His majesty the tortellino”, “The goat violin of Valchiavenna”, “Make a carbonara” and “Let’s get an aperitif ”: unique boxes, unforgettable experiences, genuine flavors and taste.

Emotions, scents, men and territory are the key words of this experience: unrepeatable.

It will be possible to listen to the artists of food and wine, the men on the sidelines who, bent only on their own passion, have made a territory great. Unique products will be experienced, perhaps just once in lifetime because these products are rare and the result of very small local productions. Before, during and after the workshop it will be possible to communicate with all the protagonists of the experience: a real community with a different flavor.

All that remains is to rely on us about giving a special touch to your event.